Emma Preston

Hello my name’s Emma Preston. I started dancing at the age of three years old and by the age of 21 I set up my own dance school. However, Cheerleading wasn’t a part of my life until I stumbled across a massive gap in the UK dancing market. One Saturday afternoon, I decided to go to a local football match. The pre-entertainment was a group of cheerleaders performing a routine. What I realised, and without meaning to sound boastful, was that I (and my pupils) could, too, put on a pre-match performance! - Without having any idea of how to cheerlead (or in fact teach cheerleading) I made it my mission to get a squad of dancers together to perform at local football matches. Within a month, I had a group of cheerleaders ready to perform. Within six months, my school literally doubled in pupil size.

Since then, I (and my school) have reaped the benefits of cheerleading. My squads have appeared on SkyOne’s “Got to Dance”, ITV’s “This Morning” and performed at premiership football club matches. I realised how successful cheerleading can be, and would like to share my experiences with others. I believe I have found a new gap in the market. Somewhere that cheerleading doesn’t always have to be competitive, but pupils can gain a real sense of achievement in their local communities. It gave me the financial comfortability I needed in order to share my success with others. How did I do it all? This cheerleading course will give you a step-by-step guide in how to make your cheerleading business a success!

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