About Us

Hello and welcome to the Cheerleading Training Company. Emma Preston here, I am the founder of the Cheerleading Training Company.  I have spent the last 30 years in the Dance industry, from dancer, dance teacher to owning a dancing school. During these years I have seen a number of dance and fitness genres grow in popularity but none so than Cheerleading. 

I am sure most of you will be aware of how big cheerleading is in the U.S.A, and as with most stateside trends, this is now rapidly growing in the UK. As a dance school owner i experienced this explosion in popularity first hand, including the financial benefits that the coaching of cheerleading can bring. This also made me realise the gap in the UK cheerleading market for performance based cheer as well as the lack of general online cheer-dance coaching courses.

It was from this realisation that the CTC was born.I have spent the past 5 years researching and developing teo courses: an online cheer-dance coaching course and a supporting course offering a step by step guide on how to build your own successful cheerleading school/gym. I have created these courses for existing dance school owners, dance & cheer coaches looking to set up their own schools as well as those running school or university extra-curricular classes.

So why should you take these online courses?

Because they offer flexible and accessable online trainingv accredited by the industry body NCFE.

I am confident that my years of experience as a dance teacher ensure that the courses I have created will provide you with the resources you need to coach cheer-dance and start your own successful cheer school. I am really excited to launch the CTC and share all my knowledge and watch you grow your thriving cheerleading business.

Remember the team here at the CTC are on hand to answer any questions and offer you guidence if it is needed. We want to see YOU succeed. Today is a good day to change your future!

Emma Preston 

The Courses

These are delivered one step at a time, and are accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop, so you can fit learning around your life. We believe learning should be an enjoyable, social experience, so our courses offer the opportunity to discuss what you’re learning with others as you go, helping you make fresh discoveries and form new ideas.